Hot Melt Roll Coaters For Adhesive Application
Apply an even coat of hot melt adhesive to a variety of substrates with the MELTCATOR hot melt adhesive applicator.

This efficient hot melt gluing machine is designed to facilitate uniformity of application, replacing hot melt glue guns with less down time, and greater throughput for virtually any combination of materials and hot melt adhesives. We offer holt melt adhesive application equipment of exceptional quality and reliability. This includes pressure sensitive areas that are not hot to the touch immediately after application of adhesive.
The MELTCATOR hot melt adhesive applicator is equipped with an electronically controlled thermostat that provides variable temperature control. The speed of the roller is also variable. Both the speed and temperature controls allow the user to adjust the hot melt adhesive machine for a specific application. This adhesive application equipment also has a motor lock-out switch to prevent damage to the motor if it is turned on before the adhesive is molten and an optional Pressure Bar Attachment for materials up to 1/2″ (1.3 cm thick. Without the attachment the operator moves the item to be glued over the glue roller by hand.

Features of the Meltcator:

  • Variable temperature control.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Lock-out switch.
  • Optional pressure bar attachment.

Typical Applications:

  • Ideal for applying hot melt adhesives onto flat surfaces.
  • Particularly great for corrugated build-up, gluing foam to foam, and foam to corrugated for protective packaging.
  • With a glue tank holding about five pounds of hot melt, this heavy-duty hot melt roll coater is designed for consistent daily use and years of service in a factory setting

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