Basic form-fill-seal machines: 


at your fingertips!

These packaging machines form, fill and seal a package in one pass. The packaging is fed into the machine off a roll and then shaped and sealed. The bags or packs are then filled, sealed and separated. These machines are used extensively in the food industry.

However, how do you choose the right machine for your needs?

JASA Packaging Systems produce a wide range of vertical form-fill-seal machines ideally suited to local conditions.

So in this newsletter we take a look at the basic JASA range which is tailored to customers who require speed and simplicity on a small to moderate budget.


Jasa Easybagger:
This is the baby of the family, its hand fed and ideal for small operations that pack various different products. It’s compact enough to fit in a small factory and perfect for mini and micro food enterprises because it’s made entirely of stainless steel. Packing Speed is approx. 15 bags per min and it will handle a bag width of up to 350mm. Maximum bag weight 3 kg 



Jasa 250:
This versatile workhorse is designed to pack bulk goods in bags from film on a reel. Its ideal for the food industry.  The machine boasts a simple industrial PC operating system. Bag width is 80-250 mm at a speedy 90 packs per minute. The machine can be adapted to accommodate heat-sealing, labelling and fragile goods. 



Jasa 350: 
This is big brother to the 250 bagger smaller price tag and will handle bulk goods at a respectable 50 Packs per minute. Bag width is 150-350 mm and bag length up to 420 mm with a single seal step. Bag designs include pillow packs, doy packs and pouches.



Jasa 350 pouch bagger

Jasa 350B:
This machine has the power of the 350 but is designed to process pre-sealed net-film combinations. These net-film combinations can be sealed “centric” as well as “eccentric”. Speed is 40 packs per min. Designs and bag sizes are similar to the rest of the 350 range.

All Jasa machines are compliant with South African Food Industry standards and constructed to ensure hassle free operation. Jasa machines from the 250 upwards are compatible with NEWTEC grading and weighing machines.

All machines can be supplied, installed and backed-up by Goldpack! 

Goldpack is here to help you make critical decisions and offer, advice, support, guidance, system design and installation to optimise pack house profitability. Once installed, we partner with you all the way to the market.

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