WC 25 SINGLE HEAD WEIGHERemve single head weigher_wc25 Pack & palletizing –
Automatic weigher WC-25

These automatic weighers are intended for weighing carrots, swedes, big potatos and other long or large products in batches of 5-25 kg..
The double geared motors and the fine and coarse feed belts, combined with the damper of the fine belt made for accurate yet rapid weighing into predefined batch weights. The inside of the scales is rubber coated to ensure gentle handling.
Capacity is approx. 5 t/h in 10 kg batches.
Wheeled support legs and a bag supporter can be adjusted to suit individual operators..

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 MODEL 1100 SINGLE HEAD WEIGHER1100 SINGLE HEAD WEIGHER Compact low cost single head weighing machine.

For potatoes, onions, citrus and similar products

  • Robust construction in stainless steel
  • Gentle product handling with low drops
  • Simply cleaned
  • Pack weight programming in seconds
  • Fully automatic infeed control
  • Automatic taring of weigh head
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Premium reliability

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