Belt graders are designed for grading potatoes, onions, beetroot and other similar products into two sizes.

  • They are available in six different widths, to meet varying capacity requirements. Grading is with the help of an endless net belt. Under the belt are two agitators that shake the net, to ensure that the product is correctly graded.
  • Belt and agitator speeds can be set independently of each another. The fact that the riddle surface is a full 1500 mm long guarantees very high grading precision.
  • Output is via a conveyor or chute.

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Roller graders are designed to grade potatoes, onions etc into different sizes.

  • Grading takes place over rotating rollers with the help of square shaped discs.
  • Graders are available in three lengths, 800 mm, 1300 mm and 1 700 mm to give 2, 3 or 4 grades respectively.
  • The disc mesh remains square, ensuring accurate grading.
  • Mesh settings can be made in an instant with the help of a motor, so that no separate riddles are required.
  • The graders are fitted with feed units to give consistent grading and cleaning of the riddle surface.


For carrots, potatoes, onions and similar products.

  • The Grader is produced in 3 different lengths.
  • Width is produced in 5 versions, from 760 mm. to max 1830 mm.
  • Driven by 1 pc. motor with fixed or adjustable speed.
  • The rollers with increasing gap can be disigned to customer specifications.
  • Outfeed of graded sizes is done via conveyors to boxes or further processing.
  • The grading is done very silently and with high capacity.
  • Especially good for grading long sized products.
  • For best function the grader needs an aligning table before the grader.

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