Picture 1
Newtec 4015 B 2 G Computerized Linear Portion Weigher for Carrots + Two Gillenkirch 7000 E Basic Horizontal Bagging Systems

This system is capable of the following outputs:
Portion sizes :                      0.5kg    1.0 kg     2.5 kg    5.0 kg
Portions per minute, up to:  110          95         85         55

These Baggers use Printed Centre-Fold to make up which the fill with portions of Carrots at a rate ( according the portion size) varying from 25 to 33 portions per minute. Machine can also use bag on a roll premade bags
These bags can be closed using a Horizontal Heat Seal, Self-Adhesive Tape or Kwik Lok bag closures

Picture 2
This shows the Newtec Celox C- UHD 12 Lane 11 + 1 Optical Sorter that grades/sorts Carrots by Quality and Size including removing fragments and Broken Carrots
This system is capable processing 10 to 15 tons per hour. In this picture the Carrots are being sorted into single lanes before going under the cameras

Picture 3
This Is a picture of Screen on the Celox Grader showing the Selected Filters, and Statistics against each Filter